Contest Rules

Easter Egg Contest

My son and I are kind of constantly quoting from and making references to various movies, tv shows, comedians, books, etc. Each is considered an “Easter Egg” and if you can name the reference you have a chance to win. Here is what you need to do once you identify a reference…

You must private message me on Ravelry (Junip) with the following information:
     1.  the episode number;
     2.  time stamp;
     3.  what was said; and
     4.  what the reference is from.  

Each person gets one entry for each Easter Egg they find. 

For instance, if in Episode 7-1 we reference a quote from Star Trek saying “Boldly going where no stash has gone before!” at 8:30, your message to me would look something like:

     Episode 7-1 (Conversation) 
     At 8:30 Jennifer said we are “Boldly going where no stash has gone before!” 
     From the intro to Star Trek.

This would get you entered in the next Easter Egg Drawing.

You can enter as many times as you can find references, each reference is a single entry and you can put as many entries as you want in a single message to Junip on Ravelry.  The pool will continue to grow and future Easter Egg Drawings will have all the entries. However, you may not enter multiple times for the same reference.

Dress Your Bunny MAL

This MAL is a short quick one!  Request a bunny from Jennifer on Ravelry (PM Junip) and get yourself a bunny!  Dress your bunny and post a picture of your dressed bunny by noon MDT April 29, 2017.  John-Michael and Jennifer will choose the Best Dressed Bunny and announce the winner!   #dressyourbunnymal

Color and Life Double Dog Dare KAL

There are 4 active "dares" for the contest.  Winners will be drawn from both the UFO/chatter threads and from the Done and Beautiful (DAB) threads for each dare on Ravelry.  This KAL will run from now until Summer Solstice which is June 20th.  You must be a member of both Ravelry groups to win (Color and Life and DogDare)

On Instagram please use: #doubledogdareKAL
Jennifer is @jennuineknits and David is: @daviddogdare and the podcast is @colorandlifepodcast

David's Dare

Viewers may play along if they have never completed a pair of knit socks before.   New cast-ons only for this dare.  If you have started but not completed a pair of adult socks before you may still qualify for this dare BUT you may not use your started socks as one of your pair of socks. 

You must have two pair of socks that were cast on in 2017 and at least one must have a pattern.  The socks must be adult sized (or nearly adult sized—not small children’s or babies) but they may be “shorties”. 

Please chatter and talk and enjoy!


John-Michael's Dare

Viewers may play along by knitting the same pattern my son is knitting:  Backyard Leaves

Please chatter and talk and enjoy!

Jennifer's Dares!

#1    Viewers may play along if they have more than 15 UFOs.  Participants must list their UFOs in the UFO thread for this dare and must reduce their UFO count by 10 before June 20, 2017. 

Someone may start participating in this KAL at any time after it begins by listing their current UFOs in a post in the UFO thread for this dare. Then please edit your post as you complete your UFOs.

Please chat and respond to other’s posts.

#2  I will be publishing at least 3 patterns on Ravelry during the course of this KAL. Viewers may play along with this dare by knitting or test knitting one of my patterns.

Please PM me on Ravelry or on Instagram and include your email address if you are interested in being a test knitter.

1st pattern published! Learning Lace: A Sampler Scarf

Please chatter and talk and enjoy!