Contest Rules

Easter Egg Contest

My son and I are kind of constantly quoting from and making references to various movies, tv shows, comedians, books, etc. Each is considered an “Easter Egg” and if you can name the reference you have a chance to win. Here is what you need to do once you identify a reference…

You must private message me on Ravelry (Junip) with the following information:
     1.  the episode number;
     2.  time stamp;
     3.  what was said; and
     4.  what the reference is from.  

Each person gets one entry for each Easter Egg they find. 

For instance, if in Episode 7-1 we reference a quote from Star Trek saying “Boldly going where no stash has gone before!” at 8:30, your message to me would look something like:

     Episode 7-1 (Conversation) 
     At 8:30 Jennifer said we are “Boldly going where no stash has gone before!” 
     From the intro to Star Trek.

This would get you entered in the next Easter Egg Drawing.

You can enter as many times as you can find references, each reference is a single entry and you can put as many entries as you want in a single message to Junip on Ravelry.  The pool will continue to grow and future Easter Egg Drawings will have all the entries. However, you may not enter multiple times for the same reference.


The Color and Life and DogDare Podcasts Present:  Festivus for the Rest of Us MAL!

We are going to plan EARLY for the holidays!!  No stress knitting this year!  

Projects need to be started after June 20, 2017 and must be completed by December 21, 2017.  Projects can be any craft and just need to be handmade, however you need to relate it somehow to the holidays.  Either knit for that season, a gift for someone, to wear during that get the idea.  We are pretty flexible, you just need to be able to justify it to us in your Done and Beautiful post on Ravelry.  

The UFO (Un-Finished Object) thread can be found here: 

The DAB (Done and Beautiful) thread can be found here:



Jennifer and John-Michael are continuing and starting to design respectively and are hosting a design-a-long for any of the patterns they have designed.  There is a UFO and a DAB thread..  Projects must be completed after 6/27/17, UFOs started before that date are eligible if they are completed after 6/27/17.

UFO thread:

DAB thread: