Episode 18-1 Show and Tell - Survey of Area 51


It’s here!!

We have the announcement of our joint KAL with David of the Dog Dare Podcast and an entire survey of Area 51, as Stretch now uses as the collective noun for my UFOs!

I am steadily updating my Ravelry page Junip this week and next to reflect ALL my UFOs, their current state of progress, and any DABs that may float to the top! I have also given Area 51 it’s own tab so it is easy to see what is there! Once a UFO becomes a DAB it will be moved into the 2017 tab. Sandboxer7 will be updating his pages as well (hopefully.)

UPDATE from Jenn: All but one of my UFOs are up on Ravelry with a list in the thread for my main dare that links to each project page. Hooray!

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The link for the Ravelry page is: http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/color-...

Our Featured Maker of the Month is: WickedEwe
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Intro: 0:00 
The Color and Life Double Dog Dare KAL: 4:22 
Show and Tell: 21:25 
Maker of the Month: 1:07:00

Some of the people we mention in this episode: