Episode 39 - Tag...we're it!

Episode 39 – Tag…we’re it!

Festivus for the Rest of Us MAL – Anything you can convince us is related to the holidays, giving, or the holiday time of year.  Begun after the 20th of June 2017 and finished prior to the 21st of December 2017.  #festivusfortherestofusmal

Color and Life Design Along – Anything knit or test knit by Jennifer or John-Michael’s patterns completed after 6/27/17 UFOs are welcome!  #colorandlifedesignalong  There will be new patterns up in the Ravelry store:  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/jennuine-llc

Please share comments either here, on YouTube, or on Ravelry because we love hearing from you!

The Ravelry page is: https://www.ravelry.com/discuss/color-and-life-podcast/topics/3719433

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Almost everything and links to all the places can be found on our pages here.

There are also links to some of the books, movies, music, and other things we talk about on the “Recommended” page of the website.

Our Maker of the Month for December is Corinne from Hawari Bazaar
Her shop is:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/HawariBazaar  

Intro: 0:00
All the Alongs: 4:20
Show and Tell:  7:32
Maker of the Month: 23:43
Giveaways!:  26:14
Conversation: 29:00
Outtakes:  1:05:20

We tag:  LadybugLaboratory and the KnottyKnitWits

The questions:
1) Who are you? 
2) When/why did you start knitting/crocheting/spinning/weaving? 
3) Your favorite or proudest make? 
4) What is your most disastrous make? 
5) Do you have a favorite place to buy yarn or fiber (online or local)? 
6) What is your most used or most loved pattern? 
7) Your most dreaded knitting/crocheting/spinning task? 
8) And your favorite task? 
9) What is your favorite crafty entertainment? 
10) For patterns, do you prefer books, magazine, Ravelry, or would you rather make up your own? 
11) What is your favorite brand of knitting needles or crochet hooks and for spinning, what is your favorite wheel? 
12) What is your favorite notion or tool? 
13) What is your current favorite project? 
14) Favorite place to knit/crochet/spin in public? 
15) What is your favorite fiber arts book? 
16) Do you have any other hobbies? 
17) If you could meet anyone in the fiber arts community, who would that be? 
18) Knit or crochet? 
19) Weave or spin? 
20) Color or neutrals? 
21) Sweater or socks? Or Hat or mitts?

Donuts...I wanted donuts!  https://youtu.be/l2oPio60mK4