Episode 24-1 Show and Tell - More Frogging!

Episode 24-1 Show and Tell – More Frogging!


We have our joint KAL with David of the Dog Dare Podcast and we drew for prizes!  If you participated at all in any of the Ravelry threads check out the special Prize upload we did with David!  But the KAL is still going until June and so check it out and join us!  http://www.colorandlifepodcast.com/contest-rules/

We have a brand new MAL just for Easter! The bunnies are busy getting dressed up in their finest.  There are darling pictures in the Ravelry thread for this contest.  http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/color-and-life-podcast/3598436/1-25#14

Please share comments either here, on YouTube or on Ravelry. We love hearing from you!

The Ravelry thread is:  http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/color-and-life-podcast/topics/3608120

Almost everything and links to all the places can be found here.

Our Maker of the Month for April is Jake from Dogstar Knits
His Etsy shop is: Dogstar Knits - http://www.etsy.com/shop/DogstarKnits 
The Coupon Code for viewers is colorandlife10 and is good for 10% off!

Intro: 0:00
All the Alongs: 3:15
Show and Tell: 8:13
Maker of the Month: 33:20

Some of the people we mention in this episode:
DogDare Podcast
You can’t knit with us (The Mean Girls)
Dogstar Knits
Colorful Eclectic